Worlds Fastest Mustang - GT500 Super Snake - 220.8 mph


  • Record 263.3MPH Ford GT - Texas Mile

  • i'd hate to hit a speed bump in those cars.
  • did you see the chute pull the two front tires off the ground when it deployed? that car was not too far away from flipping.
  • Bah..... do it in a quarter mile.... then boast!
    ...l.Mark Carlyle pilots his IPS Motorsports Atomic Fusion Corvette to a 6.874 @ 220.80 mph at the MIR World Cup Finals 2012.

    Can't tell I'm a Corvette fan?

  • I own a Porsche 911 Twin Turbo all stock except for a Billy Boat performance exhaust,all the testosterone I need.
  • had a vette many moons ago. got it up to 150 one time.
  • I have a 2006 Z06 that's been to Wongs Performance Engineering and is now pumping out 640 hp. Its nice on the highway or open road races but in town in traffic.... shit... I'd rather be driving a little automatic... I live in Calgary and the main highway is nothing more than a crawling parking lot!
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    wahoo...race city is the only place for you...or you could open it up on the strait stretch >>> Edmonchuck.
    Muscle cars look great in garages but in traffic these're looking good & going no where fast!
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    canuck - photos? the key to speed is giving yourself enough braking distance to slow down.
  • Heisenberg ....this is the Z06 with the garage mate Grandsportimage
    and Gallito.... here is me changing out the hoosiers for street tires at the last race they had at Race City. Its no more. Stratotech in Edmonton also shut down this year but there is a new one in Edmonton called Castrol Raceway. Gonna try that one in the spring.
  • um dude, chutes are made to slow you down and they'll defiantly take out tailgaters.

    Canuck,yea I forgot; its been a while since last visit - Cowtown, let alone a drag race. Last race I went to was a wingless modified race at Western Speedway; however I much prefer to head down - Skagit Speedway :>
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    btw cool car:) we have a unofficial drag strip out past Sooke;aply named blueberry flats...8o
  • Gallito... no drag racing for me. Was invited by a friend so I took the Grandsport. Found out what wheel hop was and obliterated the syncros. Sent the car to Lingenfelters for forging and stroking and after I got this back, I ran the Silver State Challenge in Nevada and totally burned the ZF6 out. Thus the newer Z06 and only run road courses. Much more fun!
  • cowtown is in my former backyard. spent lots of time at kennedale in my youth.

    the z06 is a mighty fine production car. what has been your top speed on the track? i had some chances to track mine (tx mtr spdwy), but never did.
  • Heisenberg..... took my daughter to the Silver State race in '09 and we hit 187 mph. This is a timed event on hwy 318 for 90 miles and because I had no rollcage or fire suppression system I was supposed to be limited to 165 mph. was a blast but as my daughter was in the car with me I thought I'd better cool it. Even that little run up caused me to burn up time and run at low speed so as to come into the finish at a proper time. Disqualified if you exceed your allowed speed or if you drop to 130 mph in the 150 mph class. Lotsa fun there and just up the road from Las Vegas!
  • nice. that newly designed body style really hugs the ground at higher speeds. i still remember the feeling of a 70 punch. it threw you back in the seat and started sailing.
  • Love the car.. it corners like it's stuck to the road and with hoosier sticky tires it might as well be. Have you tried any road courses? Is yours stock or did you tinker with it? I have headers on mine that will give you a headache.
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    Bought mine new in 1998, the first year of the new body style (black). Sold it two years later for a german model. Still miss it. Had lots of neg experiences as well - people leaving nasty notes on it, pouring beer on it, etc, etc. No end to what idiots will do.
  • so now that you bought a german they pour german beer on it
  • Never driven a Porsche but know people that have them and they swear by them.
    Would have loved to have had my vette on some of those roads out of Bogota. Nice twisty excitement
  • so what brings the Albertans...south - Colombia? the cold?
  • Canuck, yes road racers apparently have more fun than strait liners. Silver State race sounds like a legal version of the canon ball...
  • I was working in Chile for a chemical plant ( Erco Worldwide) in Mininco and had a couple of crews. As we were working from 7 pm to 7 am ( they didn't want us waking up their dayshift ) we hired a girl through the landlord. Two houses, lotsa laundry and cooking and cleaning. Well .. seems I got along pretty well with this girl who was Colombian. So... when we finished the job, I took her back to Colombia and she showed me around. After a couple of years, we were married in Bogota. I was still working so I couldn't stay in Colombia so we started the process to bring her to Canada. Couldn't believe the bullshit we had to go through with the Colombian government.
    I am now retired and considering my options in regards to moving to Colombia. My wife says she likes it here better! So..... we shall see....
  • Gee sounds like she got the better end of the stick - ours; I also married a Bogotana, seems she also prefers Island life...I'm happy to spend a few months down south, then back home in time for fishing season...:)
    She says we'll wear out our welcome...I disagree, what are family for... besides they're welcome to come up here...for a visit.
  • My wife is originally from Barranquilla... Los Olivos barrio. I've never seen a whole barrio that is full of relatives. Couldn't believe the begging and I moved by wife to Bogota. I'm happy to just say hola on the telephone. As for them coming here.... not a chance. :)
  • Watching the CFL game in saskabush... seeing their breath...reminds me - why I like spending Xmas in Colombia..;)
    Hey speaking of harry about the road along the Chicamocha Canyon, the view from the top reminds me of a few car commercials.
  • Wow.... looks great. Could sure have some fun there....provided the roads were paved, no potholes ( unlike Bogota) and no donkey carts. hahahaha
  • colombia is much better suited for motos & trucks, although i see some nice sports cars here from time to time.
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    you'd probably be less noticed in a beater; blending in with common folk- is the name of the game
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    Pretty stupidly expensive to have toys in Colombia... but what can one do?
    Bronco should be complete in a month and almost finished buying parts for my next project...
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    that is the engine for the demon?
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    Yes. But only some of the external body is left of the original car. And of course the papers, which is the only thing that matters. Anything on the car is different from original, absolutely anything, from a custom K-Frame with rack and pinion steering and could overs (instead of the original shitty setup) to the rear four link kit on a Ballistic Fabrication Dana 60 truss. I am trying to keep it very light, but enough dependable to be street driven.
    Work Rezax II and Pirelli Pzero Rosso as wheels, out of a Murcielago.
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    Custom built EFI plate... with two extra injectors for methanol. Colombian fuel is shitty...
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    For those in Medellin who are interested in racing there's a charity event scheduled for Nov. 30th. It's known as the "Carrera de Estrellas" so you can google that and get all the details. They will be blocking off some streets near Plaza Mayor for the track. Not sure if it's just karts or if there will be other categories of racing. I was told there will be 120 drivers coming from various countries, including the United States.

    Click here for more information: Colombia Motor Fans

    Here's a link for ticket information: Tickets
  • Jeez Robi.... what are you going to do with that monster? Drag race or stump pulling? Man that looks impressive!
  • i think i'm going to take the kids to that race in MDE. Danica Patrick and i guess most others got started with karts.

    Juan Pablo Montoya will be there.......that's a guy with some IRS problems. (never use your father as a tax advisor unless that's his vocation.)
  • canuck - that is the engine he built for the new grinder.
  • The new chipper will be impressive. I am sure the paracos will love it... munch a corpse in 1.5 seconds!
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