House update

Get me to Colombia.....please.

+We're in and I stopped counting after catching 20 mice + 6 dead ones. 1+ week no sign of any more.

-Tenants or exowner filled a pipe full of grease so thick it was like solid butter. The douche also used a ton of concrete for the bathroom floor that it eventually crushed the lead toilet drain. About 2K to fix both.

- While the plumbers were fixing this they used PVC glue in the boiler room. They left for supplies, leaving the unopened cans behind as well as glue om the floor. I just happened to go downstairs and was greeted by a huge fireball. 3 firetrucks and 2 cop cars later all was well. No damage as I put it out myself. My wife called 911 but had no idea what the address was (only day 2), so she kept telling them, "I'm in New Jersey". Our 11 year old called and saved the day.

- The plumbers then offered to redo my roof (torch). I laughed and kicked them out.

-New roof 5.5K

- 25 minutes after roof on, I finally convinced my wife all craziness was over when I learned our water main is broken. Not leaking in the house. 4K estimate 2 weeks from now. Ex owner laid concrete where the main comes up so I imagine he crushed that too.

Since a number of you guys already have had houses, any advice tax-wise? I'm going to am accountant but a few have told me to spend as much now, the first year, because of some tax break.

I'm also emptying a small 12K IRA that I have because for first time home buyers there is supposedly no penalty.


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